Helps Ministries

These ministries serve the church family and visitors in the spirit of love. As a team we create a friendly atmosphere serving with excellence. TCH has many different areas of hospitality and we are here to serve you in the following areas:


We understand that taking that first step into a new place for the first time can be somewhat nerving. We are here to relieve any anxiety with a welcoming smile and a ready handshake to meet and greet our visitors as well as those who call TCH their home. Our mission is to provide general care of our worship space and to create an environment where everyone feels welcome. We provide assistance by greeting all with a warm welcome, assisting with seating, church information and any area our assistance is needed.


The deacons are servants who are called by God to effectively meet the needs of people and facilitate different areas of the ministry as needed such as communion, water baptism, parking assistance, monitoring areas of the church and events.  Those who are appointed as deacons must meet the qualifications through the church’s Deacon Apprenticeship Program.

Carpenter’s Kitchen Ministry

This ministry is responsible for supporting all of the church’s meetings, gatherings, and special events through the presentation of food.  This ministry plans, purchases, prepares, and serves meals, as needed.

The Special Events Committee

This ministry helps beautify the church for special events.  This ministry also collaborates with the Carpenter’s Kitchen Ministry as needed and decorates accordingly.


Administration is responsible for management of the church finances, and the issues related to church staff. They work with the staff on special administrative projects and help with mail outs and church publication.

Audio Visual (A/V) Ministry

The audio visual ministry is a vital part of the ministry supporting all the audio needs of the various ministries of TCH meeting the needs of media production. The A/V team exists to ensure that the preaching and worship is delivered to the congregation as effectively as possible. They are also responsible for the operation of projectors, presentation software, and videos.