Women’s Ministry

This ministry is open to women of ages 18 and up from all walks of life. We believe according to Titus 2:3-5 the older women should teach and be an example of godly women. We also believe that the younger women bring zeal and vigor to the ministry connecting both groups of women to come together and grow in our faith in Jesus Christ as we develop godly relationships building up one another. Though we all have different temperaments, passions and callings, this ministry is about meeting you where you are and helping you get to where God wants you to be.

Men’s Ministry


We are a fellowship of Christian men united together and growing in our relationship with Jesus Christ and one another through the Word of God.  This ministry is committed to helping men become spiritual leaders in our homes as well as the church and our communities.  We believe this is accomplished through bible study, prayer, fellowship and accountability.  This group challenges each other to live a life pleasing to God through Christ.


Marriage Ministry

“Our Marriage Matters” mission is to promote the sanctity of marriages by solidifying the bond between husband, wife and God. We are passionate about marriages staying joyfully connected and thriving at TCH. A good godly marriage takes perseverance. As a ministry, our goal is to prevent bad marriages, fortify good marriages and restore broken marriages. We offer six weeks of Pre-marital counseling to prepare engaged couples to live a life-long biblical marriage, both being committed to God first, then each other. We also offer marital/family counseling to those with relational conflict. Events are scheduled throughout the year.

We also offer family counseling to those with relational conflict.

Praise and Worship Team

Our purpose is to exalt and magnify the LORD, edify and encourage God’s people to worship the LORD and prepare our hearts to respond obediently to the proclamation of God’s Word. According to Psalm 150:2, we praise Him for His greatness and goodness toward us. This ministry sets the atmosphere for the entire service welcoming the Spirit of God in our midst.